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One Way Exclusion Squirrel Trap

A one way exclusion door is deceptively simple to use but the reality is there are many moving parts to successful squirrel exclusion. One way doors are mounted directly on a building right over a hole squirrels are using to enter and exit a house.

One Way Squirrel Exclusion Door How It Works Wildlifeshield Ca

Lets squirrels out and they can t go back into the structure.

One way exclusion squirrel trap. Safeguard squirrel controller small one way door exclusion device. Sce135 can also be used with excluder trap models spt30 or spt35 in order to trap rather than exclude squirrels from unwanted places. The 4 folding wings easily attach over the hole.

The device should have flanges or wings on one end to mount the trap to the building and a torsion spring repeating one way door leading into the cage. Https amzn to 2l4nhzp click this amazon link to buy the correct 1 4 inch mesh 24 inch tall x 5 feet long hardware cloth the steel mesh is called hardwar. This large squirrel controller allows squirrels to leave but not get back in.

If you use the existing hole that the squirrels normally use the squirrel will never think that there is danger. Allows them to leave and stay out. Mesh size is 5 x 1.

The trap is uninstalled after all the squirrels leave the nest and the exit entry hole sealed permanently with metal flashing or galvanized steel mesh. The exclusion trap or one way funnel is the most perfect solution to ensure that the squirrels get out and don t come back. Simply the best squirrel exclusion tunnel available.

Also called one way tunnel. Call a wild life removal expert to get rid of squirrels. It measures 3 5 h x 3 5 w x 10 l and is made entirely of 5 x 1 mesh.

One way funnel one way door one way trap. Excluders have mounting wings which allow them to be attached directly over the animals entry exit hole. It has a spring loaded door and 4 wings on one end which fits over the hole for easy mounting.

The tomahawk model e40 is an excluder with a one way door designed for squirrels rats and similar sized animals. They are not obvious to the squirrels and they may enter them thinking that it is another crawlspace. 7 long 2 wide and the tines can be adjusted at the end.

Featuring a one way spring loaded door and galvanized 16 gauge mesh this method of exclusion is preferred when trapping isn t an option. Excluders are designed to let animals remove themselves from unwanted areas. How to make one way funnel doors to get squirrels out of a house to make a one way funnel door for exclusion or traps you will need to access the size of the hole that is going to hook into the funnel.

The basic idea behind a one way door is that an animal can exit the building but cannot turn around and go back inside. This excluder is built from x 1 16 gauge mesh wire.

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